Thursday, 28 October 2010

Now look.

I don't want to make this a video games blog. That was never my intention. But I do want to take the oppertunity to remind everyone of the fantastic games they might have sitting around on errant CDs (or even floppys) which they once played to death but have since almost forgotten. It's time, guys. I sense that the classics have lain dormant long enough.
It was actually Sim City 3000 I booted up first, to get me on this track of nostalgia gaming, but the series (even the bells and whistles fourth installment) will only ever serve to remind one of the brilliance of 2000. Once I got 2000 dusted off and re-installed... Just god-damn boys, there was never such joy to be had in placing those first few roads and that dirty old coal plant up in the corner of the map. I almost wept.
And you can too. I only wish I could find that fucking Prince of Persia floppy!

Get them off the shelf man, they'll forgive you for your transgression. Go back home to them.


  1. I rediscovered Theme hospital the other day, loved that game so much when it came out. Gotta check out what other badboys I've got lying around... I think I've got Red alert somewhere...

  2. LOl i rememebr playing sim city as a kid...good times

  3. simcity is great

  4. Oh man. I have wasted so many hours playing that game. I remember having the sim city before that I used floppies to boot XD