Friday, 29 October 2010

One way ticket to mars

" It may sound like Hollywood Science Fiction, but NASA is mulling a new one-way mission in which astronauts will be sent to another world such as Mars to settle there for ever."
(From The Times of India)

Mars, unsurprisingly

Well there's something to think about for you. Would you go? Say your last goodbye to Earth, ever, to be the first man off to explore a new world? The idea has it's appeals but also it's horrific consequences.. And I must wonder about the plans, are they sending a breeding community up there to start populating the red planet? Or would they keep ferrying Earthlings (Strange to think that within my lifetime that distinction might mean something, as there would be extra-terrestrial humans around) out there for a period until real colonies could be built?

The surface, for most of the way over it as far as I know
It's going to take some real work before I'd want to give up this planet for Mars though, interesting as it may be.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Now look.

I don't want to make this a video games blog. That was never my intention. But I do want to take the oppertunity to remind everyone of the fantastic games they might have sitting around on errant CDs (or even floppys) which they once played to death but have since almost forgotten. It's time, guys. I sense that the classics have lain dormant long enough.
It was actually Sim City 3000 I booted up first, to get me on this track of nostalgia gaming, but the series (even the bells and whistles fourth installment) will only ever serve to remind one of the brilliance of 2000. Once I got 2000 dusted off and re-installed... Just god-damn boys, there was never such joy to be had in placing those first few roads and that dirty old coal plant up in the corner of the map. I almost wept.
And you can too. I only wish I could find that fucking Prince of Persia floppy!

Get them off the shelf man, they'll forgive you for your transgression. Go back home to them.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Welcome to the blogging

I suppose, having had this page up for 5 days now, that I would perhaps do well to make my first (real) post. It's been at the back of my mind as I've gone about my business of late and, suffice to say, the niggling voice has by now niggled loud enough to get me galvanised into at least a semblance of action.
Before we begin though, I must make it clear that I'm making no promises here. I may post at any time, with whatever frequency seems necessary and on whatever topic floats to the fore of my mind when it comes time to get typing again. Not that I would expect anyone on this planet to take any affront over what these ramblings end up (or do not) consisting of, but just as a little heads up.

Now to suck Minecraft's Dick.

A couple of towers out of the many I've built, linked with glass. No real reason. Good way to view scenery though.

Picked this game up not so long ago, a fortnight perhaps, on the good advice of a few hundred people. Allow me to add my voice to theirs; If you've not played this shit, please take the time and the - what, 15 dollars - to find out why you should have bought it weeks ago.
It's been said, on occasion, that the graphics are shoddy. That the monsters are mostly just a bunch of squares that could have starred in atari classics of the day. Even that there's no goal in the game and playing it is  therefore pointless and boring. I have to say, if you feel this way even after trying the game, spending the night cowed in a 4x4 box praying that zombies can't dig through dirt, then games in general might not be for you.
Simplicity is beauty, of it's own sort. All it takes is the smallest amount of creative input, just the tiniest fraction of thought and you can play this game until your ears bleed and you forget what the real world even looked like to begin with. Flood valleys, plant acres of forest deep underground and surrounds your floating castles with moats of lava. Or just doss around shearing sheep and stabbing pigs, there's no-one judging you here. But please, just try the damn game.

Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Last of the tories

Two final spam-ups for the dear old blue party.

So it works!

And to celebrate, let's see the rest of the conservative site vandalism.

Mhmm there

Leeeet's see what a first post to a blog looks like. Incidently, here's an example of what happens to tories when they're not careful enough with admin passwords on their sites.